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Bloomberg News is an international news agency headquartered in New York and a division of Bloomberg L.P. Content produced by Bloomberg News is disseminated through Bloomberg Terminals, Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Markets, and Bloomberg's mobile platforms.

Jah Remo shared in a review "Bias reporting. Bloomberg News has become and Indian company. If you look at its website most of the news is about Indian stories yet India is only the 5th largest economy. China is much bigger in global rankings but Bloomberg gives less news on China. I smell a rat..."


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Services Director (Former Employee) says

"Some bosses can be passive/aggressive; at Doomberg, I had two bosses: one passive, and one aggressive. We ran a shared services operation that was abused by those procuring services and internally within the department. Most everyone working here was miserable and took it out on each other. Few allies existed to protect each other from internal politicking and backstabbing. We were encouraged to critically analyze our process, but the results were ignored when any honesty about the dysfunction was presented with solutions to remedy them. Hostility and intimidation, doing little work but kissing butt and blaming colleagues to get ahead were common tactics. The testosterone overload is poisonous, and the pay is far below market rate. The mixture of finance and journalism is lethally punishing since all projects needed to be completed immediately and somehow accurately. International collaborations meant you were working nonstop around the clock with calls, emails, and meetings taking place in all time zones all days of the week. Do not expect to work only 40 hours a week and have your nights and weekends to yourself undisturbed. Do not expect anyone in power to have any sympathy or desire to hear of your attempts to reconcile such an unrealistic situation. The name of the Doomberg database, Terminal, says it all—this is the end. Terminal is a DOS-based grave you dig for yourself. Why in this millennium is anyone supporting a line-command OS with text in multiple colors on a black screen with a keyboard from 1971 and thinking it is cutting edge? If you are working on"

Software Engineer Intern (Current Employee) says

"This company is very tough and challenging you will get no support whatsoever. The interview was very difficult and when you actually work in this company it's very overwhelming. Managers, supervisors, and co-workers are very fake."

Vice President Software Sales (Former Employee) says

"Punch a clock. Always monitoring your activity and customers. Not a place for sales people. Out if college prob better all the free chips and soda.Free snacksPunch the clock. Big brother watching"

Junior Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not very interesting place to work and a lot of dysfunction and lack of management. New employees given very little instruction. Only good thing was the free cafeteria food and snacks."

Developer (Former Employee) says

"Interesting product but management it's such a drawback. It's a 9->6 type of job, so you can spend all your life there. Remote work not really allowed.Good payLong hours, no remote."

Brand Storytelling (Former Employee) says

"Bloomberg is a great organization, but with its ever changing business model and leadership, I would recommend you stay away from the Bloomberg Media Group."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Very low standards and too many disgusting people. Ungrateful mangers with bad attitude and inflated egos. Senior employees are very condescending and arrogant and some have severe personality disorders. Everyone here is constantly talking trash behind each other's backs. There is absolutely nothing of value to learn at this particular department. Avoid this place like cancer.NoneToxic office culture"

T rep (Former Employee) says

"The worst company i ever worked for.i worked in capital markets for banks for years. In highly independant trading positions. They hired people from the market to have better penetration in trading floors. Never been that micromanaged in my life. Then they pulled out of hiring this category of people as they saw prople from the actual market could not act as robots. Fired us all by giving completely random excuses one day to the next. Managment is very poor, robots managing robots. No initiative, no room for growth, numbing work with ridiculous targets, low pay, same hours as investment banking..... dont be fooled by fish tanks and "free" lunches.... you arr paying 5 times over on your lunch.NoneAll"

UNIX/LINUX Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very siloed culture. They sold the job as being scripting and more hands on technology but was really passing around alerts. Software is proprietary and managers are bosses.Free lunches.Long commute. Micro managed. Unforgiving."

Equity Data Researcher (Former Employee) says

"My temporary work experience at this company was a very good opportunity to improve my Bloomberg Terminal use skills I was trained during three weeks, learning not only form a user perspective, but also the background of the system"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Bloomberg is more of a cult than a company. You'll be expected to dedicate yourself and your life to Michael Bloomberg and his philanthropic ventures. There's no such thing as work-life balance at Bloomberg, just work-work. While you may be scheduled to work 9 hour days (don't even think about taking a lunch break) it's more likely you'll be working 10 hour days and 11 and 12 hour days are not uncommon. For all that hard work and dedication you'll be rewarded with zero job security. Layoffs at Bloomberg are routine and apparently based on favoritism, not performance. In my group competent, intelligent, hard-working colleagues were shown the door while an individual who literally spent the day texting and on his Facebook page, took 2 hour lunch breaks and flat-out lied to us to get out of work kept his job. Bloomberg is a one-trick pony and terminal sales have peaked, accordingly I would expect the pace of layoffs to pick up . I saw a diligent, intelligent new-hire from a good university run off after 3 months because his manager took a dislike to him. In a word I would characterize the culture at Bloomberg as mean-spirited. Interesting that a man so committed to philanthropy would have so little compassion for his own employees, the very people whose hard work made his wealth possible."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Hard working environment - expect to be working on multiple projects simultaneously - expect to be asked to be available 24/7. You're expected to hit the ground running and be 100% proficient in tools etc. almost immediately. The staff are great, it's a very technical workplace, lots of good peoplePeopleVery regimented - Part of a big multinational"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Sure it looks good on your resume and because of that a lot of doors are open for you moving forward. There is a huge emphases of segregation culture in terms of job positions. Managers should only talk to managers, and so on... Hours are long with no OT compensation.Good name on your resumeEverything else"

Editor (Former Employee) says

"Bloomberg LP is confronting the realization that its days of high growth are long behind it as the financial-data industry matures (also seen in collapsing ratings for competitors like CNBC). I worked in the newsroom, where mistakes are held up for public viewing and shaming among other employees. A typical editor is expected to work at least 50-60 hours a week, and respond to questions from upper management by e-mail at all hours of the day. (The company is friendlier to men with families -- most women I worked with were unmarried and childless). Generally, the attitude expressed in memos to employees is that they should be thankful that they have a job as the news business shrinks. I made a lot of friends at the company, where we generally shared our paranoia about getting screamed at. Compensation tied to sales flat-lined as terminal installations stalled.Free snacksVolatile management, burnout, flat-lining sales"

Finance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"First thing at Bloomberg is that they first look at tour badge. And sorry if you are not an employee. They have different colors for badges, so they know who tou are. Contractors are not treated equally at this company.You can learn a lot - but depends on yourselfVery poor management"

Journalist (Former Employee) says

"It's all about putting market moving news in front of terminal customers. The journalism is extra. Sometimes you have a great job and a great boss, breaking lots of news. Then one day, you don't. And no one should feel comfortable growing old here. Bend your head low, absorb the blows and you may or may not survive. And don't look to top leadership for salvation."

Event Manager, Global Financial Products (Former Employee) says

"Bloomberg is a culture that pits people against each other intentionally and doesn't hold itself accountable to best practices of a public company. Only those that started at BBG will be respected.Great benefits, free foodThe culture"

Fixed Income Analyst (Former Employee) says

"8h-18h salaire fixe et bonus quai fixe - aucune evolution de carrière, les meilleurs personnes partent, les autres y reste... parfois longtemps.Utiliser Bloomberg illimiterLe management en place"

Interims estimates analyst (Former Employee) says

"People are fake.Sheep like culture, everyone is constantly looking over their shoulders scared of their own skins- if you perform well, you a threat to someones job-underpaid, Noyone- not even management takes responsibility when things go wrong- instead they blame each other-Horrible training program- especially around peak times( i had a 2 week training program squashed into 2 days, because nobody could care less-they had their own workflow to get through-pathetic. mundane work that does not even come close to justifying your job title as an "analyst" in any shape or form. You deal with data and data management- and thats your life, everyday. Understanding one data management tool does not develop your ability to analyze and provide value to a financial firms investment decision- many tools are utilized, you dont get exposure to this- beware to all ye aspiring investment professionals. The people i spoke to that have been their longer then 2 years say that they are stuck- you cant apply anywhere else because all you know is Bloomberg"s proprietary software package!, nevertheless it is a good first job for a 1 or an internship- looks good on your resume- even if you get to pretend to call yourself an "analyst" far too many at BloombergFood; good social responsibility programRemuneration; niche product; poor management; no growth as a professional; Glorified data capturer"

Editor (Former Employee) says

"No matter what you do, how hard you work, how many hours you work or how good you are, you are told you are not doing a good job. The management is hypocritical, HR is biased and for a place that prides itself on having an 'open door policy' I often got in trouble for my complaints! They don't care about you as an individual. You are expected to make Bloomberg your life and give up all your free time to them.Yes, they have some pretty awesome perks but it certainly doesn't make up for the lack of respect to the food, great parties, good benefitshypocritical, long hours, poor management"

Nicki Goodwin says

"And the saga continues with Bloomberg. There is no customer service whatsoever they dont the word good service. I will never purchase another appliance from them. Everyone steer clear."

Jah Remo says

"Bias reporting. It has become and Indian company. If you look at its website most of the news is about Indian stories yet India is only the 5th largest economy. China is much bigger in global rankings but Bloomberg gives less news on China. Me smells a rat.........."

Branko Dudić says

"Their support NEVER gets back to me! You can't cancel or change your subscription! I've sent them multiple emails about updating my subscription, from different email addresses, in few days apart each and THEY NEVER GOT BACK TO ME. I'm extremely disappointed to be treated this way by such a huge company."

Krittaboon Tantikarun says

"WARNING: Do not purchase a monthly subscription. Here you will find the worst cancellation process in the world. It has to be done manually through customer support and they do not have hotline channel, only a form filled to them and you pray for them to get back to you. I was ignored multiple times that I got charged for another monthly fees! They are very unprofessional ! I warned you"

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